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Thanks to folks who have just followed me on this instance. I'm trying to keep this account, and broadly in sync in case one of the servers goes down.

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Sitting on the bed and heard a loud thud as a bird hit the balcony window. Found it sitting on the balcony and it let me pick it up.

Small bird - probably only just fully fledged. Somewhat stunned after flying into a window pane, but otherwise seemingly unhurt. After a rest and a gentle motivational chat, it happily flew away again.

I always feel privileged when a wild animal lets me help - even if it was, in all probability, too shaken to struggle.

So is the server down?

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Hey. While I did import all my follows here, I did not yet set my old account to move people who were following me.

Doing that will prevent me from writing on and I want to be able to still do that for the time being in case anybody needs help migrating.

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I'm trying to fix the server at the moment. I've had far too many plates spinning recently, and it's just me right now. I'm on a poor internet connection as I'm 1000's of miles from home, but working on it.

That the moves to get more help fell apart is my fault. A lot of people have offered money but money isn't what I need. I'm not sure I have enough free spoons for the upkeep and maintenance of this instance, holding my job (which I just had to change), and staying on top of my own health.

Services regularly fail. The instance has been upgraded multiple times. Home timeline processing stopped completely, as did incoming federated messages.

Trying some things as a stop-gap to fix it. But it looks like several better instances have sprung up for ND folks, with better support systems around them.

I'm reading all the messages here. I understand people are not happy. You are right not to be. I'm not either.

You all deserve better than a server falling apart. I'm too burnt out.

I'll post an update later today. I'm hopefully fixing the home timeline empty issues, but need to look further at why federated content isn't showing, though I'm seeing some content appearing now in the home feed from .social.

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Do we need a new instance, though? People can move to or many other alternatives.

They might even get an account on if they ask @kelseyfrog nicely.

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Experiment: replying from an account on a different instance.

With the instance still experiencing problems, I guess it's a good time to give this account some exercise.

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Is stuff still posting OK to, even though people's home feeds have dried up?

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@ratcatcher Yeah notifications seem to be in a knot also.

At the very least we can check on the local feed. It seems to be the only way forward right now.

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Interestingly, if you look at messages in the local feed for prior to about 0400 this morning, you can see replies from people on other servers.

Since that time, you only see replies from people on this server.

For example, I also replied to you from my account.

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If anyone is replying to posts by people on the

instance, please be aware that they probably won't see your reply at the moment as there are problems with the server.

Boosts appreciated.


Depends on your requirements. Mid-range models from the likes of Motorola are OK.

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