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The stages of playing with GPT-3:

- OMG this can do anything
- There goes my job
- I should start a business around this
- Some of the responses aren’t too good
- Actually, some of these responses are just awful
- This isn’t really intelligence
- This is just spicy autocomplete

(as was forwarded to me w/no attribution)

ugg, work slack's -game channel is filled up with people playing that HP game :(

Today's gender is anxiety and the smell of fire.

Today I'm administering the Strange Stories exam( to ChatGPT to find out what happens. Some people claim LLMs are incapable of ToM tasks, but afaik, no one has administered ToM instruments to ChatGPT (announcer voice) Until Now...

HN is cool bc you can have someone tell u that not being able to own a nuke is a violation of the 2A

idgi, when i take accountability im supposed to feel good; instead i just feel like a shittier person and get negative intrusive thoughts. is that how other people experience it?

objective and subjective realities are tired. where are the possessive realities, demonstrative realities, interrogative, indefinite, relative, reflexive and intensive realities?

The insider-outsider peephole that is going with my sister to pick up her kiddos at a Redmond elementary school and hearing other mothers/wives talk about how they don't really know what their tech husbands do is stunningly surreal

i changed my mind about SSBM. i like it now. i wish a very dear person would stream it again

first time flying after starting my transition. no idea how this work and ugg, the horror stories i've read. i just want to end up in the right place. any tips?

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