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but why shouldn't i learn how to write a krita plugin for this workflow?

extreme WIP. I have no idea how I feel about this workflow so far.
1) Stable Diffusion txt2img to conceptualize a scene
2) approximately model the scene and use the concept as textures
3) slowly replace the textures using DreamTexture

roblox absolute a mess today. the christmas gift card injection of robux and the game breaking consequences is driving my kids up a wall

By the way, if you are wondering why Black folks are often looking to burn down racism, it's because it's actively worse than complete neglect.

Neglect would be leaving us alone and not doing anything to help. That would still perpetuate inequalities and have its own set of issues, but that is actually better than the current system that is in place.

Instead, the current system in place not only gives few resources, but actively abuses us in the process. Just look at some of the more prominent Black folks on Mastodon just talking about their experiences. Some random person that they never knew goes out of their way to antagonize.

I'm making this comment ahead of time because on every social media I've been on, there's always some white fella stating that it's based on vengeance or something. No, if you built a system that's actively worse than neglect, of course folks are gonna want to tear it down. It's worse than doing nothing.

No spoons, so :dont_at_me: :fave_ok: :boost_ok:

#Antiracism #BlackFedi

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Leaving out the traditional Zardoz cookies for Santa.

why actually write story passages when i can mess around with adding more and more twine framework?

“When you realize that under capitalism, a forest isn’t worth anything until it is cut down, you begin to see where the ecological crisis comes from.” - Adam Idek Hastie
#AntiCapitalism #BiodiversityLoss

advent of code lol

oh my goddd it was so easy but I misunderstood the answer criteria and then somehow my wrong answer criteria got the right answer for the sample lmao

took me forever to figure out

The domestic robot's lidar has detected evidence of a mirror universe.

🚨 Programming alert: Uwe Rosenberg's Nova Luna is now in beta on Board Game Arena 🚨

the "convincing myself it's just prototype art it's ok if it's AI generated" to "just leave it in" pipeline is too powerful

i should add that it's the Re-Hearsed macros and widgets. the content is obvs different :)

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so, im almost done porting Re-Hearsed from SugarCube to Harlowe and it's starting to gel surprisingly well

Has someone here managed to convert an #RSS feed into an #ActivityPub instance and join it to the #fediverse ?

Plz boost 🙏

someone once asked me why i was so worried about the environment

i just said "i live there"

and they looked at me as if that fact had never once occurred to them

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