objective and subjective realities are tired. where are the possessive realities, demonstrative realities, interrogative, indefinite, relative, reflexive and intensive realities?

The insider-outsider peephole that is going with my sister to pick up her kiddos at a Redmond elementary school and hearing other mothers/wives talk about how they don't really know what their tech husbands do is stunningly surreal

i changed my mind about SSBM. i like it now. i wish a very dear person would stream it again

first time flying after starting my transition. no idea how this work and ugg, the horror stories i've read. i just want to end up in the right place. any tips?

ChatGPT hallucinated the royal scone recipe which I am now baking in the oven. how do hallucinated scones taste? we will see

@Ten I try to gauge myself according to my personal values, my personal growth, and my past self. There's a tightrope to walk between always "doing the best I could" so nothing is wrong and setting impossible standards or getting into grindset-mindset. Still there are rooms I'm still discovering inside my mind that have never been examined and opening the door to those and figuring it out is valuable to me and makes me valuable in my own eyes.

this problem actually broke my brain, but it works! compositing pre-rendered and 3d objects where the pre-rendered scene does not include z-data, but *does* include world-y. it's possible to derive depth using the view and clip matrices and their inverses, world-y, and just set it explicitly in the shader and have mixed 2d/3d scenes work out O_O

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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Me: can you read that sign?
Her: the QR code part says <modem noises>

Giving people an opt out is not the same as gaining their consent.

any linear alg/opengl experts can just tell me how to do this?

if i have screen coords and world y, how can i calculate a z-buffer value? (assuming an orthographic view matrix)?

I'm doing an experiment in 2.5d with prerendered backgrounds and can't pre-calculate depth values, but I can easily access world-y.

I'm enjoying mastodon so far but wow, all the comments about how white it is are extremely right. Almost all the other trans folks I've found have been white, and I know that isn't representative of the real world or even likely mastodon as a whole. I'd love to hear more from trans and queer POC (and POC all up, I've just been connecting with a LOT of trans folks).

Can anyone boost this to help me find more voices to listen to? Or recommend some hashtags? I don't even know how best to tag this.


the way things are going, my next bookclub is probably going to be held in a jacuzzi. it's really making me confront why im hesitant about it - bottom dysphoria, uggggh

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