ok, but like i don't want to rip off salt, beeswax, mushrooms, venom, egg. how do i even start coming up with my own? it feels like im fundamentally missing some kind of brain thing

my brainstorming experiments 

@kelseyfrog When I found Parrigues, I tried picking an arbitrary word, listing associated words to expand the concept, brainstorming words that might be in partial opposition, then picking one of the new words and repeating from there until I managed to circle back to the start with 3-5 principles.

Never came up with anything terrific, but it seemed like it might be a viable approach if I had more direction (what is this for? what is this story/world focused on?)...


my brainstorming experiments 

@JoshGrams Thank you, that is helpful! I'm in the early stages of developing a form of divination centered around a popular activity and I want some sort of novel elemental basis that evokes the same kind of intuition that we find in the Parrigues, but ya know, isn't a copy

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my brainstorming experiments 

@kelseyfrog I woke up still thinking this so... sorry/not-sorry:

The Pond Prognostication: Frog/Sun/Ice/Mud. Frog invokes life in all its wriggling energy; Sun is light and openness, but also dryness and drought; Ice is stillness and cold, barriers; Mud is dark, wet, mysterious.

Also now I'm very curious about your project: *doing* divination never really called to me but I love seeing all the creative methods...

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