👋 Hi, I'm Kelsey

I'm a mom, home cook, book reader, wife, and hobby collector.

I do as a living, and on my own time like experimenting with , , and in small projects. I like (s), and . I'm usually reading , or .

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@kelseyfrog hi fellow data scientist/ reader! Would love to get to know you and talk boardgames and scifi

@ansate hi Melissa. I've been liking lighter / social games lately like Wavelength, or Hivemind, or even Can't Stop with a brain burner from time to time like El Grande or Rajas of the Ganges or
Grand Austria Hotel. I'll play anything at least once :)

For scifi I absolutely loved Silo, and read through all the Expanse series, and will always be a sucker for Greg Egan. :) How about you?

@kelseyfrog i have not played AnY of those! We’ve been playing Stella, a dixit expansion. And Azul and Welcome To on boardgame arena.
I have read most of the Expanse series, and intend to read the rest. I collect John Brunner novels, and I’ve been reading mostly fantasy lately. I justread the fourth book in Rachel Hartman’s Seraphina series - I’ve loved all four!

@ansate Welcome To is fantastic! I love playing it on BGA too. I just learned Azul last week. It was fun too. I'm always on the lookout for book recommendations. I'll have to check out Brunner and Hartman. Would Stand on Zanzibar be a good place to start?

@kelseyfrog Stand on Zanzibar is amazing, but kind of a lot. I recommend starting with Shockwave Rider if you can find a copy.
Oh and I just started Rogue Protocol, book 3 in Murderbot! I feel like 2 was better than 1 and 3 is making me laugh a bit more.

@kelseyfrog Procgen Interactive fiction gamedev is so fun~ what are you working on?

@caranha I've made and in the past as part of the Fortnightly Fiction Jam, and I had a new idea that just sprang to mind last week about a future minister of culture

@kelseyfrog Hi Kelsey! Nice to meet you on Mastodon. I do #datascience stuff (Jupyter/R, etc.) as part of my dayjob. Glad to see more datascience folks show up here!

@kelseyfrog Welcome to the fediverse. We need a bigger IF community on here!

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