accidental bodily injury 

somehow i either broke or v badly bruised my little toe last night. i have no idea how it happened. i noticed it as I was leaving a friendsgiving 💀 getting x-rayed tomorrow 🤞

On Tuesday, we’ll be in Court aiming to end the discriminatory delays that trans people face in getting often life-saving healthcare in the UK.

If you’d like to support our challenge, please consider donating 💙❤️🤍

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cant believe we just throw students into OOP and expect them to construct ontologies without any understanding of noetics. completely irresponsible. Plotinus is spinning in his grave

J'ai arrêté de nourrir la 🐻colère ; cultivons la 🌱joie

Economics: Humans only value things monetarily.
Sociology: Uh, I don't ...
Economics: Humans are always rational and value is calculated by a complex inner calculus.
Sociology: Uh, Psy, can you help?
Psychology: That's not how humans ...
Physics: *drops teacup*

I don't think I've ever seen someone ask "should I [transition/take this transition step]" who doesn't already, to some degree, know the answer. They just want permission to want it.

Usually they claim to be unsure or conflicted because they're ambivalent now, yet wanting something else.

That's it. You have the answer. Because we learn to cope, dysphoria often feels not like self-revulsion, but ambivalence. Their question amounts to "should I pursue euphoria?"

Yes. You have permission. Do it.

Shoplifting from corps is just urban foraging from a robust supply. It’s the equivalent of taking some berries from an overcrowded bush. Will they evolve to put the berries behind some prickly thorns? Maybe! But that’s what gloves are for.

@phildini Hi, do you have any tips on when to accept/reject signups where a user would be posting exclusively in non-english? How impossible does this make moderation? Interested in hearing your thoughts :)

my Likert scale:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️: lovert
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️: likert
⭐️⭐️⭐️: whatevert
⭐️⭐️: dislikert
⭐️: hatert

so dril tumblr account confirmed that means when tumblr implements ActivityPub i'll be able to follow from here and that will finally complete my migration

not to be dramatic, but my mom’s potato salad ruined my childhood

ok, but like i don't want to rip off salt, beeswax, mushrooms, venom, egg. how do i even start coming up with my own? it feels like im fundamentally missing some kind of brain thing

Disturbed by reports of Black Mastodon users—Black women in particular—having negative experiences on this app, including being randomly banned for discussions of racism. Some of these users will not come back. All will share their experiences. The answer is not to condescendingly lecture them on “how the fediverse works,” as if their experiences are inevitable, nor to swear to do better next time. (There may not be one.) It’s to do better now lest the reputation of this app be cemented.

do you ever use a password so much that it ceases to consciously exist and only lives in your muscle memory? like you can't actually remember it anymore except it somehow exits your fingers when the login screen presents itself? what a strange feeling

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