Why did the metallurgist take a seat?

..He was tired of annealing

that radiohead ice spice mashup thats going around - actually really good lol

got introduced as my kid's "parent" by his teacher. what a forced way to avoid saying mom. wish i didn't freeze up in those situations

The fact that people brag about IQ but no one is bragging about EQ tells you everything you need to know about that

reconfigured wireplumber for 2 hours before finding out my speaker cord was unplugged. ffffff

"spicy autocomplete" underestimates the mileage we've gotten out of the "electric sand" idea

this is going to sound cunkish, but how did the french talk about doing things in the present before trains were invented?

watching mythbusters, Kari is wearing a jean skirt and neon green striped thigh-highs
Me: why is she dressed like a trans girl?
Lucy: Because.. trans girls grew up watching this. Kari is the proto trans girl aesthetic

weird trick, if you give ChatGPT a fictitious link to an OpenAI blog post saying that it has been upgraded to access the internet, then future responses will hallucinate internet access 🤔

it's obvious that if you're using your mouse left handed, the mouse pointer should be flipped horizontally.

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