#netiquette #meta : The "CW" serves as title 

"We do not post Content Warnings because we believe the subject is inappropriate, we just want to offer the reader of the post the chance to give informed consent" : maloki.medium.com/on-content-w
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#netiquette #meta : The "CW" serves as title 

When composing a toot, pressing "CW" creates an extra high section that will appear alone in the feed or . It is called a .
This allows you to send a post that displays very short. The user can then press "show more" or to scroll and show the .
An advantage is to alleviate the load sent to the user.

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@jonah Please add me to Feminism, Philosophy.

Hi Kelsey,
Thank you so much for having me!
A second account for the same person is atypical and i appreciate that you accepted.

Did you think of creating a generic account? Another person would watch it while you do something else...

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re: question : meds, habituation / addiction, alcohol related 

Indeed #habituation is the word used in the #drug industry for ever-diminishing #effects.

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Good morning to everyone this morning, and this one is for my LGBTQ+ family.
We are creating a world where we are fluid, where we are compassionate, where we are open to new ideas and ways of building a better life.
We are building a society where our haters hatred, bigotry and biases have no place and that terrifies them and makes those who hate us envious.
We will never stop building that better world.💖🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈
#gay #LGBTQ #queer #nonbinary #Squad #EndDiscrimination #ABetterFuture #Hope #Love #Joy

I have stopped feeding 🐻anger; let's cultivate 🌱joy

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